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Don’t miss the “Hottest”, most exciting and most talked about meet in the midwest!!

 The Iowa State Fair Bench Press – Deadlift Contest is in its 33rd year.

From the beginning it has been one of the premier lifting events in the midwest.

From beginners to National Champions we get it all. Lifters from 17 different states have competed over the years.

From our first lifting site up on Expo Hill to the current location, the  largest free stage at the huge Iowa State Fair,  spectators have crowded in to see all of the excitement and pure power up on the stage.   No other event gets the crowds and spectators following it like our event gets!

We have numerous divisions to consider and cover most anything you can want to compete in.

The meet has evolved into a drug free meet and has went from totally equipped to now all Raw .

We have changed the meet to all Raw divisions to meet the growing requests of the lifters.  More and more lifters have been asking for the meet to be Raw and the time has come that its obvious its a much more level playing field to compete against each other without the assistance of being equipped.

The shirts have their place for those who know how to use them and can master the bench with them, for the rest, its a huge disadvantage to not wear one competing against someone who does in the same division.

We hope this new change will make the divisions more fair for the majority.

Please join us again this year to celebrate our 33rd year at the Iowa State Fair.

Come see why lifters from as many as 17 states travel to compete in this annual event. From National Champions to beginners we will have it all!

So come be a part of the “HOTTEST MEET THIS SUMMER” and enjoy the world famous Iowa State Fair and its many many attractions.



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